Leokotriene Info

Leukotrienes are substances produced by the body that are known to cause asthma symptoms. If you suffer from asthma, there’s a good chance your body produces too many of them.

Leukotrienes are inflammatory molecules produced by immune cells in your body. They are involved in the inflammatory response and cause the narrowing of the airways, increased mucus production and tissue swelling associated with asthma.

The key to relieving asthma symptoms caused by the production of too many leukotrienes is to inhibit their production. And that’s exactly what Efficas Care does.

Efficas Care is a non-prescription medical food developed to safely and naturally inhibit the body’s production of leukotrienes. Efficas Care contains a unique combination of two essential fatty acids found in nature, GLA and EPA, in just the right amounts and ratio to effectively block the production of leukotrienes.

In a clinical trial, when Efficas Care was added to a daily diet, the production of leukotrienes was suppressed in 75% of asthmatics. In another research study, more than 70% of asthma sufferers reported that Efficas Care, when added to their treatment, relieved most or all of their symptoms.