The Scientist

The History of Efficas Care

Dr. Floyd H. “Ski” Chilton is a respected research scientist widely recognized in academia and industry for his work on the role of fatty acids in human inflammatory diseases. In the early 1990’s, it was known that one of the main culprits in causing asthma symptoms was leukotrienes, so Dr. Chilton and his colleagues set out to find a way to control leukotriene production through diet. They conducted clinical tests on combinations of fatty acids and after seven years of research, found the combination that could most effectively help those suffering from inflammatory diseases like asthma and allergies. They discovered that a unique combination of two essential fatty acids found in nature, GLA and EPA, in the right amounts and ratio can significantly reduce the production of leukotrienes giving relief to allergy and asthma sufferers. The formula they developed and patented is now available as Efficas Care.

Biography of Floyd H. "Ski" Chilton, Ph.D.

Dr. Chilton has served on the faculties of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Wake Forest University School of Medicine, where he currently is a professor of physiology and pharmacology. He founded the Program in Molecular Medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and helped build it into one of the most successful programs of its kind in the U.S.

During his time at Wake Forest, Dr. Chilton has served as Director of Molecular Medicine and Professor of Biochemistry and he has also served as Associate Director of the Asthma and Airways Diseases Center and Associate Director of Programs in Clinical Research. Prior to Wake Forest, Dr. Chilton served on the faculty at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has written several books including Inflammation Nation and Win the War Within, and holds 32 issued and 17 pending patents.

Dr. Chilton obtained his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Wake Forest University in 1984. He served as postdoctoral fellow in pharmacology at the University of Colorado until 1986. He has received numerous awards during his career, including the Cowgill Scholar Award and the SigmaXi Research Award at Wake Forest, the 1999 Distinguished Academic and Achievement Award from Western Carolina University and the Distinguished Service and Teaching Award from the Italian Congress on Allergy and Immunology.